CVS Extra Bucks and make your own sale

Probably most of you are familiar with CVS Extra Bucks.  In case you are not, you can sign-up for a free program at CVS.    CVS will often have in their ads items which will earn you Extra Bucks (like cash) for future purchases.  These items are often more expensive than you would find at other stores, but after the Extra Bucks you can get many items greatly reduced or even free.  What is even better is that you can use coupons, earn however many Extra Bucks are being promoted for the item and if the item is free and you use a coupon, you actually are making money for buying items at CVS.

I have been eyeing a Santa Claus as a present for a family member.  I have been calling the CVS every day in order to find out if seasonal items had gone to 75% off yet.   When I scanned my CVS Extra Care card, a coupon printed for $10 off a $50 purchase (this is before coupons).    The Santa Claus was marked at $44.44 (half off the $88.88 price tag) and I had several other items to purchase which would push me over the $50 threshold.  I also had $10.00 in Extra Bucks, plus my quarterly Extra Bucks printed at the machine for another $3.50.  Plus I had some manufacturer’s coupons for my other purchases and ended up getting this Santa for about $23 I would guess.    I ended up getting him for about 75% off after Extra Bucks and the coupon that had printed off.

Another item I want to highlight is a Green Bag Tag from CVS.  These are 99 cents in-store and every time you go to a CVS, have your green bag tag scanned.  You have to use your own bag and after four times using the green bag tag, you earn $1.00 in Extra Bucks so it is like you are saving 25 cents for using your own bag.  You can only get it scanned once per day.  One CVS associate told me that you can go to two different CVS’s in one day and you would receive credit as long as it is a different CVS.  I have not tested this out to find out if it is true.  I stick my reusable bag in my purse so that I always have my Green Bag Tag with me.  Sometimes around Earth Day CVS may print a coupon for a free Green Bag Tag.  At least they have done that in year’s past.Santa CVSRECEIPT CVSGreenBagTag

Here are some other tips for shopping at CVS.    If you do not have your CVS Extra Care card with you, you can give them your phone number you used to register your account and still get credit for your purchases.  Even if the items you are buying do not qualify for Extra Bucks, you earn a percentage of your purchase in Extra Bucks so always use your card or give your phone number.    Part of my purchase qualified for spend $30 on Procter and Gamble items, get $10 in Extra Bucks.    The totals show on my receipt $10.99 towards the $30.00 purchase.  This was before manufacturer coupons (in actuality I spent $5.99 before sales tax) so if I spend $19.01 before the promotion ends, I can still earn $10 in Extra Bucks so pay attention to your receipt.  Also, scan your CVS Extra Care card at the red machine usually found at the front of the store for coupons from CVS.  When you register your CVS card online, you will usually receive additional coupons in your email account such as 25% off or 20% off or $4 off $20.  I get coupons in the mail from CVS and also receive a $3 birthday coupon from CVS every year.


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