The best investment: Your Health

I like many others always start the year wanting to make some changes.   I have realized from past failings, you need to find what it is that works for you.  One of my goals is always to be healthier.    One easy change for me involves what it is I am drinking and putting in my body.    I do not drink a lot of pop, but I do drink green tea.   I used to drink more water than I am currently and my goal is to get back to a minimum of eight glasses of water a day.

I just recently purchased this water pitcher.    It has a core that you can remove and cut up fresh fruit or even put frozen fruit in it to give your water a little bit of extra taste.   I just started using it this week and am trying oranges.  I can say that there is not a lot of extra flavor with the oranges, but it has made me drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

The best investment is an investment into your health.  Whatever means it takes to become healthier, it’s worth investing in.  Alas, my new fruit infusion water pitcher.  P1010924


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