Hurry! Target 90% off Seasonal Items

If you have a Target or Super Target near you, this is a great time to go check out the seasonal items.

I took some pictures of the Super Target in West Carmel of some of the items left.  There were some food items and even though they are pictured at 70% off, they rang up at 90% off.  There were lots of ornaments, stockings, larger gift bags, Christmas tree stands, tissue paper, and other items left.

While walking around the store, I did spy this automotive set 70% off for $10.50, which seemed like a good deal for what you were getting.

I also saw a cute play kitchen 50% off for $44.98 in the event that you know someone or are in the market for a play kitchen.


Some of what I purchased is shown in the picture.  I got some party hats for when the kids want to have a pretend party for 50 cents, the candy making kits for 99 cents, foam letters for 50 cents, and the Toll House chips for 22 cents.


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