Reading is Fun! Check out your local library’s winter reading program!

Do you know what you are doing right now?  You are reading my blog and my words.  I love  libraries.  I love them for many reasons.  First, you can simply go to your local library and apply for a library card.  Even children can get them.  I still remember my first library card made out of paper with a huge metal rectangular bar (I do not know what the bar is for to this day), but I do remember that first card and how much fun I had checking out books.  Second, once you apply for your library card you can simply check out books for free!   It costs nothing to check out a book that you may want to read and as long as you return it by the due date.  Most books I own I never read again so I prefer just to check out books versus buying them.  Besides books, you can check out DVDs, CDs, magazines, even e-readers, and other audio visual equipment.

I wanted to alert at least local central Indianapolis readers that many libraries have a winter reading program as well as a summer reading program.  If your child is not yet reading, you can read to them and have that count as reading because being introduced to books, hearing and seeing words at a very young age can help develop a love of reading and learning and help develop language.  I always sign up my children for the winter reading program at our local library.  I also enroll in the adult winter reading program.  Sometimes they have prizes which are given out after completing so many hours of reading out loud for the preschoolers/babies and also have prizes for the adults as well.  I’ve included a picture of some of the free books I have gotten just for signing up or upon completion of the various reading programs. 


This is copied for the Carmel web site:  Register at the Children’s Reference Desk beginning January 2 and receive a read-aloud poster and gingerbread person cutout. Then read aloud any books you choose with your family. Complete four hours of reading and return the decorated gingerbread person and poster to the Children’s Reference Desk no later than January 31. For completing the program, each child will receive a craft to take home and make. Each child will also receive a hot cocoa packet and two prizes from the treasure chest. For more information, call the Children’s Reference Desk at (317) 844-3363.

There is also an adult winter reading program as well and this is from the Carmel library web site:  Let it snow – it won’t matter if you are snug inside and wrapped up in a good book! Participate in the Carmel Clay Public Library’s Adult Winter Reading Program and you will be rewarded with a couple of useful things to have around in a blizzard. Read or listen to 2 books and you will receive a colorful ice scraper. Read 6 books and your prize will be a thermal travel mug – just perfect for coffee or some hot chocolate. If you like a challenge, you can read a book in each of 6 different categories and qualify as an Adventurous Reader. You will then be eligible for a chance to win one of three $40.00 gift certificates which will be awarded at the end of the program. This program ends March 3 and is sponsored by Baskin Robbins. For more information, call the Readers’ Advisory Desk at (317) 814-3987 or the Audiovisual Desk at (317) 571-4281.

What’s great about the adult reading program is that listening to books actually counts as a book being read!  I know that I often do not have time to sit and read a book, but I am in my car and could listen to a book while driving. 

I also researched the Zionsville library and found this on their web site for birth through 5th grade:  “Pop Open a Good Book!” This is your opportunity to encourage children ages birth through grade 5 to make reading a daily habit- 15 minutes for 21 days. Registration begins Jan. 2 – simply stop by the Reference Desk in Youth Services and pick up your reading log. Then, let the reading begin! Receive a special prize and invitation to a “Night at the Library” when you have completed your log.

For adults who register in the Zionsville reading program:  Starting January 7th, pick up a Challenge Sheet at the 2nd floor reference desk. Read whatever it is that you’ve been meaning to read. Write what you’ve read on your Challenge Sheet. Turn in your Challenge Sheet by March 3rd for a chance at winning a basket full of prizes. It’s that simple. Pick out a free book and get a piece of chocolate when you pick up your Challenge Sheet.

Wow, just for registering for the adult reading program in Zionsville I get a piece of chocolate and a free book? 

There are some future posts I plan on writing about on utilizing your local library.  I recently received a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas and I want to learn and share with you how to download free ebooks to your e-reader and also you can even download free music! 

Even if you do not live in central Indiana, please visit and check out your local library to see what programs your library has to offer.  There are free story times for babies, toddlers, and computers.  There are programs for all age groups.  I know local libraries sometimes will have book clubs, games, speakers, movies, computer classes, and so much more.  I encourage you to visit your local library!



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