Free Milk at Meijer through 1/19/13 and other great coupons

Have you signed-up for Meijer Mperks?  I am kicking myself as I never took the time to look into the program and there are probably tons of coupons I could have electronically clipped since Meijer is where I do most of our grocery shopping.

MPerks are electronic coupons that you clip when you sign into your account online.  You clip the coupons that you want to use and when you buy those items, the items are automatically deducted when you enter in your cell phone and pin number.

In order to sign-up for Meijer Mperks, you need to have a cell phone.  You do not need to receive text messages or have a smart phone.  I have a pre-paid cell phone which is very basic and I was able to enroll.  Previously the program required you to be able to receive texts, but this is no longer the case.  The registration page is here:

I ran into problems trying to activate my MPerks account so I finally called 1-800-962-7011 the customer service number, and the kind person on the phone was able to activate my account for me.

Once I activated my account, I went and clipped the coupons which I thought I would use.  The best one is Meijer has a a free gallon of milk available through January 19th.  You enter in the promotional code:  FREEMILK and then clip the coupon for the free milk to have it added to your account.  When you go to Meijer to buy your milk after you enter in your cell phone number and pin number, the milk is deducted automatically.  I went ahead and clipped a bunch of coupons if I thought that I may be a certain item.  I somehow got an additional $2.00 off from coupons that I had clipped as well and saved about $5.00 or $6.00 by using Meijer Mperks.



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