Mystery Shopping-Earn Extra Cash

Have you ever wondered how you can make some extra money by doing the things that you normally do?  The answer is Mystery Shopping!  I am signed-up with a couple of Mystery Shopping Companies and on occasion, I participate in mystery shopping.   The purpose is typically to give feedback to the companies on what type of service you are receiving.  The mystery shopping varies from retail stores, to grocery stores, to apartments, car dealerships, restaurants, and even phone calls, etc.  One reputable company I have personally used is The Service Excellence Group.  They pay through Pay Pal.

Another company I get fairly frequent emails from is Bare International.  If you would like to sign-up with them, here is their web site:

Once you see an assignment you are interested in, you apply for the mystery shop.  If you are selected, you will receive further instructions on when your assignment is due, etc.  There are very specific guidelines for each mystery shop which you must read in detail.  After you complete the assignment, there is typically a form you need to complete and you may also need to upload a picture or receipt as proof of your visit (depending on the mystery shop).  I have enjoyed picking up some assignments in my free time and have been able to earn some extra cash as well.


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