Pampers-Gifts to Grow Program 5 New Points

When I first became a mom, I did not know about the Pampers Gift to Grow program.   I can’t tell you how many packages of diapers we had thrown away with little codes on the inside.

Pampers has a program called Giftsto Grow and inside all Pampers diapers and wipes there is a code you can enter online.  Once you accumulate so many points, you can redeem these points for rewards from Shutterfly, books, toys, and even gift cards!  The inventory of rewards is constantly changing as well.

You can register here: and click on Gifts to Grow and enter in 15 digit code and enter this code:  TWITQ89YATXP213 valid through 1/18 only.

There are free codes from time to time and here is a 5 point code that can be entered by numerous individuals (the ones in the diapers and wipes are one time use only).  Even if your little one is out of diapers you can still have an account since it’s free and enter in the free codes which come out pretty regularly.

Thanks Hip 2 Save!


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