Planning a hotel stay in the next year?

All of this cold weather makes me think about going on vacation and planning a trip.  I went and looked online to lock-in some vacation plans for later this summer and saw that through Hilton Honors (Hilton owns many different chains including Hampton Inn), they are offering a sale of up to 40% off if you book by January 31, 2013 if you are staying during a weekend.  Of course, there is a catch to this deal:  You must prepay for your stay immediately and it is completely non-refundable.    I love getting the best price and best deal, but I know sometimes especially with little ones unexpected things do come up so I prefer to pay a slightly higher amount when I can cancel my room within 24-48 hours and my credit card never gets charged.    I know certain trips are set in stone such as a family reunion or wedding receptions so if you have any plans this year, you may want to look online.    Also, I saw that through Ebates you could get 2.5% back on your stays for Marriott hotels.    Last summer I was pleasantly surprised after we came back from one of our trips that $12 had been deposited into my Ebates account.   I always like to sign-up for the hotel reward programs which areImagecompletely free and earn your points towards a free room!  I did notice Holiday Inn also had some similar pricing when you prepaid for your room there was a slight discount.   If you are a Triple AAA member, senior citizen, military, there are often discounts you can also receive when you book a room so always check to see if there are any discounts which may apply to you. 


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