Plastic Jungle-buy discounted gift cards or sell the ones you are not using

Have you ever gotten a gift card and thought to yourself, “This is something I’ll never use?”  There are web sites that will buy your gift card and send you either cash or a gift card in return.  One web site I have personally used to buy and sell gift cards is called Plastic Jungle.  When I went to sell my gift card, I went to and clicked on the Sell Button.  I typed in the gift card that I had and the amount and they made me an offer.  I said I wanted cash.   If I would have chosen an Amazon gift card would have gotten a slightly higher amount.    They generated a pre-paid label for me and when they received my envelope, sent me a message and shortly thereafter I received a check from Plastic Jungle.  It was quick and simple.  On the converse, I have also wanted to purchase something and wanted to try to deepen my discount so I would look on Plastic Jungle for a gift card to a store I was planning on buying something from.  They also have e-gift cards, but it does take several days the first time you buy an e-gift card in order for you to receive it.  I learned this lesson when I saw something online I wanted to purchase and then didn’t receive the e-gift card immediately like I thought I would.  I believe after the first e-gift card they do come quicker, but I have not yet tested this out.

I received an email today about some of the gift card they currently have discounted:

Hello Plastic Jungle customer,

Are you excited for the Super Bowl? We are! This weekend only, we have special savings to help fund a new television purchase just in time for the big game! 

We have a great discount selection from stores that all carry your favorite name brand televisions. (Some of which I bet you didn’t realize they sold tvs!)

  • Up to 12% off a discounted gift card at Dell 
  • Up to 9% off a discounted gift card at Staples  
  • Up to 7% off a discounted gift card at Best Buy
  • Up to 8% off a discounted gift card at Office Depot 
  • Up to 10% off a discounted gift card at Sony
  • Up to 5.5% off a discounted gift card at Target 
  • Up to 3% off a discounted gift card at Walmart 
  • Up to 12% off a discounted gift card at Office Max

Remember, our cards can be stacked with other sales or promotions to further increase your savings. 

We appreciate your business. If there is anything we can do to serve you better, please let us know by replying to this email. 

Happy Savings!


Plastic Jungle Marketing Team

This is a great way to save some extra money especially on a high ticket item since the gift cards can be paired with sales, rewards cards, etc. 


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