Pampers Gift to Grow 5 Point Code and 10 Point Code

Do you have a little one in diapers or pull-ups?  Have you heard of the Pampers Gift to Grow program?  It’s completely free to sign-up and you can enter in codes from your package of diapers or pull-ups or even wipes.  You can sign-up here if you are a new member:

These points can be redeemed for books, toys, gift cards, sweepstakes entries, and even donated to charity.  The Rewards catalog is always changing for the Gifts to Grow program.  The Pampers page also has advice for parents as well.

Even if you do not have any little ones in diapers, you can still sign-up and enter in the free reward codes which come out every so often.  Here are two codes that anyone can use and multiple individuals can enter these codes in:

HAPPYNEWYEAR113 for 5 points expiration unknown

JANNY0113NLSPMR to score 10 more points, valid through 2/6


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