Orange Leaf Ounce Back Card and Gleaners Food Drive

Do you have an Orange Leaf near you?  I always love to give shout outs to places with excellent customer service, and one such place local to me is the Orange Leaf in Zionsville.    I have a rewards card with them (aka Ounce Back card) and they recently had a campaign where you could receive 8 oz. free just because of having a registered card!  I called the local Zionsville location to ask if they are accepting this coupon and the person on the phone was so friendly and kind and said before I hung up, “Come on in!  We’d love to have you!”  Image

When I went in with my two kiddos, she explained to me that they had some new flavors and also said that we were welcome to sample anything we would like.  Orange Leaf charges by the ounce.  When I went to the register, she was going to weigh my kids’ selections separately to try to get us the best deal because Thursdays in Zionsville are pick the special (they have happy hour specials from 2-5 pm) from earlier in the week.  I told her I had the coupon and she said it would be better to weigh them together and our grand total for two kids to have a little over 8 oz. of yogurt was 24 cents.    Here are the Happy Hour Specials in Zionsville:



I also love how Orange Leaf gives back to the community.  They offer schools and other organizations an opportunity to earn money by having a day for your school or organization and when customers come in, 10% of the proceeds is donated to your organization.   She said in the month of February, Orange Leaf was pairing up with Gleaners Food Bank and with each canned good item donated, you would receive 25% off your total.  I askedImageif it was specific to the location in Zionsville and she said that she thought it was all central Indianapolis locations. 

The inside of the Zionsville location:


I believe the woman who was so kind to us both over the phone and in-store was named Debbie.  I will definitely be back to this location because of the excellent customer service!

Orange Leaf has locations throughout the United States.   If you have a fund-raising event or are in the mood for some yogurt, please check out the web site for locations:

On a side note, they have double points on Tuesdays.  Typically for every $10 you purchase, you get $1 on your Ounce Back card.  If you go on Tuesday, if you spend $5, you would earn $1 back on your Ounce Back card because of the double points. 



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