February is Heart Health Month and free workouts

In honor of heart health month, I would like to share some tips for getting healthier this month.  I found these tips in the Indy Living section of the Indianapolis star from Sunday, January 27, 2013.  The one for February 2nd says:  Divide your height (in inches) by two-that number should be equal to or less than your waist measurements.

Some easy ways and frugal ways to reduce your waist measurement would be to exercise. If you are local to central Indianapolis, there is a wonderful resource called The Monon Center. The Monon Center has an indoor walking track which is completely free and open to the public Monday-Friday (check with the Monon Center for exact hours). I’ve taken advantage on days I haven’t had time to get a workout in. There are lanes set aside for walking, passing, and lanes for runners. They also offer escape passes if you would like to utilize the weight machines and other exercise equipment. You can purchase as little as a one day pass or a ten workout days, which are discounted and you have 15 months to use up the ten pack. You can also pay a one-time drop-in fee for taking an aerobics class or pay for an entire session (usually 4-5 classes). You do not have to have a membership to take any of these classes or utilize the facilities. There is also an indoor pool which can be utilized during open swim and you can pay for one day or you can buy a ten pack. In the summer months, they have the outdoor pool. In the past, the Monon Center has sold late hour passes to the outdoor swimming pool for $4/person (under three is free). They also sell a pool pass for the summer or even a ten pack as well. For more information, the web site to the Monon Center is: https://rec.themononcenter.com/wbwsc/webtrac.wsc/wbsplash.html?wbp=1 They also have drop-in childcare available on a first come, first serve basis as well. There is an additional cost to the child care as well.

In addition to utilizing the Monon Center’s indoor track for free, I have a friend who offers free Fit Club sessions in Indianapolis. They do workouts such as P90X, Les Mills PUMP, Insanity, TurboFire, and other workouts. If you are not in the Indianapolis area, there may be other Fit Club sessions near you.

The two Fit Clubs offered by Stephanie are: Wednesdays 7pm @ Lawrence Community Center
Hosts: Stephanie Osborne & Rolanda Bolen
5301 North Franklin Road
Indianapolis, IN 46226
Kids are welcome!

and Mondays 9:15am @ East 91st Street Christian Church
Hosts: Stephanie Osborne & Lisa Deno
6049 East 91st Street
Indianapolis, IN 46250
Kids are welcome!

More information on finding a free fit club near you if not around Indy, other fit clubs in Indianapolis, or about Stephanie’s fit clubs can be found at: http://osbornefitness.com/fitclub/.


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