Whale of a Sale-consign and shop for great deals!

I love to consign my children’s clothes and toys.  I love the act of actually purging and getting rid of stuff that we simply no longer need and getting cash in return.  I wish I would have known of these types of sales when I was a first time mom because there are lots of baby items I wish I would have bought secondhand versus paying full price for them.    This sale is less work than having a garage sale and also gives you a greater return than a garage sale or a kids consignment shop.

One baby/kids consignment sale coming up is the Whale of a Sale.  It is being held in Carmel March 14-16 at the Meridian Plaza in Carmel.  There are over 500 consignors that participate in the sale and there were only about 30 spots left for consigning if you want to register as a consignor and sell clothes/toys/baby items. 

The reason I love this sale is that it is well-advertised.  They are also very picky about the quality of the items that will accept (no stained items, all toys are tested to make sure they are working, etc.).  There are lines of shoppers ready to shop looking for bargain.  It is much easier than having a garage sale.  You go and register as a consignor, enter your items into the computer, print your labels and attach the label to your clothing items and toys and drop them off.  You do need to do more work in presentation such as hanging your clothes on a hanger, but this is something which will help sell your item.  If at the end of the sale your item does not sell, you can choose to donate to a charity or you can pick up your items at the end of the sale.  If you are a consignor, you also get to shop before the public.  You pay a $15 fee to consign, but if you volunteer one shift you can have your $15 fee waived.  The split starts at 60%/40% and for every 4 hour shift you volunteer, your split goes up 5% up to 75%.  For example,  you price and sell and item for $10.  If you do not volunteer at all, you would receive $6 and Whale of a Sale receives $4.   You can also choose to mark your items to be reduced half price for the last day of the sale.    This is such a great sale to shop for bargains and also a great way to earn money as well. 

This sale also had special $10 passes you can buy if you are not consigning and would like to shop before the public.  If you are a new first time mom with a baby less than 1 year old, you can also register for a new mom pass to shop before the public.  These passes for this sale are sold out, but something to think about trying to get for a future sale if you are a first time mom or know a first time mom. 


There are also other vendors at the sale and they often will have specials and giveaways at the sale.   Speaking of giveaways, I saw that Whale of a Sale was having a $200 shopping spree so visit the web site at:  http://www.whale-sale.com.  There are often updates on the Facebook page and giveaways on there as well:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Whale-of-a-Sale-Upscale-Childrens-Consignment-Event/111227703309?ref=ts&fref=ts.


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