Viggle-Money Earning Apps.

About a year ago I heard about an app. called Viggle where you can earn points for checking into TV shows.  This is by far my favorite app. as I can earn $20-$30 in gift cards per month by checking into TV shows.   This app. works for an Ipod Touch, an Iphone, and Android phone devices (however a Kindle does not have a speaker for listening to shows so I do not believe it works on the Kindle).   The first thing you need to do is to download the app. and you can do so here:  Install the app. which is completely free and start checking into TV shows.    You let the app. listen to your TV and confirm the show you are watching and for every minute of TV time, you earn one point.  There is a maximum of 12 hours per day.  However, there are bonus shows often during the prime time hours and you can earn bonus points on top of the points you are already earning for watching TV.  Many shows are worth 50-100 bonus points and some of the shows have what is called Viggle Live where you can answer questions about a show and for each correct answer, you earn points.  You also earn points for incorrect answers as well but not as many points.    You do need to stay checked into a bonus show for at least 10 minutes to earn the bonus points.   Once you are checked into the show, the app. thinks you are continuing to watch the show until the end of the show.  There are gifts cards for various companies like Best Buy,  Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sephora, JcPenney, CVS, and many other items including a Kindle Fire.    If you are a sports fan, there are also sporting events listed and for some of the sports you can play along with My Guy and pick players to earn points so as your favorite players are earning points you can also earn points as well.  There are sometimes ads to watch within the app. where you can earn points as well.  This is such a great free app. for earning gift cards and other items. 


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