Aldi’s Grocery Shopping!

I have been hearing about Aldi’s, a grocery store.  I am not sure if they are all over or just in Indiana, but I decided to scope it out.  Aldi’s has low prices every day and limited selections, but I was pleased with what I found.  First of all, bring a quarter with you if you want a cart.  In order to keep prices low and shopping carts nice, you make a deposit to get a cart.  When you return your cart, you will get your quarter back.  Also, bring your own reusable bags because you will be charged for bags at Aldi’s.  It’s better for the environment.  I had a specific list with me, but I took some pictures with my Ipod Touch (sorry about the quality of some of the pictures).  I was impressed by some of the prices.  99 cents for some strawberries, but I loved my bag of navel oranges I picked up for $1.49 a bag! 
They were super sweet.  After all was said and done, I spent a little over $12.  Aldi’s only takes cash and debit cards.  Some items were priced higher than in the store.  I saw Pringles for over $1.50/can and I know that’s not a great price.  Milk was $2.69/gallon, which is similar to other grocery stores.  ImageImageImageImageImageImage



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