Checking your receipts and saving money

Today I am not going to post about any particular deal, but I wanted to emphasize paying attention to your receipt.  I had a coupon from a retail store (I won’t name) for $15 off any $15 purchase.  I went to the store and asked a sales associate if there were any restrictions and there weren’t.  They also had a huge clearance sale going on as well for 70% off and then I could use the coupon as well.  I knew what my total would be approximately and when I went to check out, the woman said, “Wow, you got all of that for $17!”  I didn’t want to make a scene because well, I had gotten two pairs of jeans and two tops for $17 and some change and left the store.  Then I looked at the receipt and one of the items was an override.  I think somehow the override caused my coupon to not work properly and instead of my total being $6, it ended up being $11 more than I had anticipated.  I really didn’t want to speak up and then I went to run my next errand.  I then started thinking as I went to my next store that I should have spoken up.    Would I just give someone $11 for no reason at all?  Even though I was somewhat embarrassed to go back to the store, I did go back and explain that I think my coupon wasn’t rung up properly.  The different sales associate tried to argue with me that it did several times, but if I came back this far, I told her that it didn’t.    They were having computer issues so she had to re-type everything by hand and basically exchange it and re-ring it up, but at the end of it, I got $11 and some change back.   Earlier in the day, when I went to the grocery store there was another promotion that didn’t ring up.  I then examined my receipt and realized that for whatever reason, the promotion did not work.  I will go back to the store at a later time before the sale is over when I am by that store to ask for the money back.  I had asked the cashier when I was checking out if the promotion had come off and she said that she didn’t know and couldn’t tell.  I was in a hurry so I didn’t examine it further at the time.  The moral of the story is to pay attention to your receipt and hold on to your receipt.   If you know a cashier makes a mistake, to speak up.  Today’s errors totaled about $20.   It’s $20 I could use for a rainy day, a treat for my kids, money for charity, a dinner out, etc. 


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