4 Kids Books and Toys in Zionsville free $5 gift card for summer reading!

I love summer reading programs and I encourage you if you have children to sign them up!  The local libraries have great programs with awesome rewards just for reading.  I loved reading as a child and still do.  There’s a local toy store in Zionsville called 4 Kids Books and Toys and they have a summer reading program for all children.  When they sign-up, they get a free $5 gift card.  Here are the details found on a link but copy and pasted below: http://us7.campaign-archive1.com/?u=f2cb6328c9c90b559851f925c&id=d522f3c323

It’s time for Summer Reading at 4 Kids Books & Toys!

This year, we are offering 3 different programs:

Reading Buddies (for first grade and younger)

Choose your own books – from home, from the library, from 4 Kids!  For each book that is read (or read to the child), Reading Buddies can complete an art project or some other display of the book, the characters, or the story.  Paint a picture, make a model, create a puppet – any way the child wants to share the story is fine.  BRING THOSE PROJECTS to 4 Kids Books & Toys.  We will display them on our walls, or on our shelves.  Each project gives you a ticket to one of our Reading Buddies parties (invitation only) and at the end of the summer, a GREAT bag of treats and rewards, based on how many books you complete.
Need some help?  Head over to 4 Kids on ANY WEDNESDAY to use our art supplies in the party room.

Chapter 4 Kids (for 2nd through 5th graders)

Choose your own books, or use our summer reading guide.  For each book completed, write a review (we have review forms) or a shelf talker for us to display on our shelves at the store.  Want to do an art project instead?  Sure!  Bring that in, and we’ll display it.  We need kids book reviews!  Each review or project will be featured in our end-of-summer newsletter, and each Chapter 4 Kid will be invited to our Pizza Bash to celebrate, and also earn a totally cool goody bag of rewards, based on how many books they complete. 
Need some help?  We have book review forms (on paper or in PDF to be emailed), blank shelf talkers, and LOTS OF ART SUPPLIES.  Open “art time” is every Wednesday – come on over and make something to display about your books

Teen Book Review

Stop in on the weekends to peruse our stash of “SOON TO BE PUBLISHED” advance copies of new books.  Check one out, and read it before it’s in stores or in the library.  (how cool is that….)  Then, write or email us a review.  We have forms for you to use, or you can make up your own.  BRING US THE REVIEWS (or email them.)  We will publish them in our newsletter, send them to the author, the publisher, and who knows…. you may launch an editorial career!  You must complete a review before checking out the next book….. we need your feedback!  
We’ll meet once every two weeks at HotBox Pizza to collect reviews, and the breadsticks and soda are on us.  Inbetween those events, you are welcome to stop in and drop off reviews, or email them anytime.
(and of course, teen book reviewers get a treat bag, too…)

EVERYONE receives a $5 gift card to 4 Kids when they sign up….. and summer reading starts next Monday, May 27th.  Signing up is free – stop in to the store to fill out your form and pick up your gift card.


4 Kids Books and Toys can be found at 4450 Weston Point Drive in Zionsville and their phone number is (317) 733-8710.


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