The cost of clutter

I am currently in the process of decluttering our house.  It is going to be a long process, but it is a well overdue one.  I am finding with kids the clutter adds up even faster, especially when they start school and start bringing home the countless art projects and cute crafts.  The side of me who likes to scrapbook and save everything has a difficult time getting rid of anything that could potentially be a scrapbook layout. 

The reason for this post is I am hoping to add some accountability by posting what I’ve done to declutter and hoping people will chime in with their decluttering tips.  On a recent trip away, I had to send my husband out at night to buy me some contact solution because I thought that I had forgotten to pack it in our hurry to get out the door.  He later found the contact solution that I had in fact packed in a different area of the suitcase than I thought.  I had searched several times for the contact solution.  This is one example of buying something you already have that you didn’t need and there is a cost associated with not knowing where something is and buying what you already have. 

Today’s project for me is to tackle our kitchen cabinets and our dining room hutch.  I’ll try to take some before and after pictures.

What tips do you have for keeping the clutter at bay in your house?


One thought on “The cost of clutter

  1. I’ve learned it has to be a daily or weekly thing. Buy something, give something away to someone you know can use it!

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