Creative Memories items no longer being made? Last day to order may be 7/31!

I am a scrapbooker.  Well, maybe I should say I used to be a scrapbooker when I had lots of time before children.  Now that I have children, I have lots of pictures but no scrapbooks of the pictures I have made actually being put into books.  I was surprised when I received an email from a local Creative Memories consultant I had purchased some items from a few years ago and it seems that many items are no longer going to be made.   Today may be the last day you can order certain products.  This is from the Creative Memories organization:  This is your last opportunity to order core scrapbook items like pages, protectors, and coversets.  The home page can be found here:  I have not been following what has been going on so I don’t understand what it means exactly, but it looks like today may be the last day to order these items so if you are like me and have tons of Creative Memories albums, you may want to contact a local consultant to find out when you can last order these items as it may be today! 


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