Ibotta-Get 75 cents just for buying milk!

One of my favorite apps. for earning cash is Ibotta.  You can download the app. for Android or at the ITunes store.    You can then go through and by taking polls, looking at a recipe, sometimes watching a video, sharing on Facebook, you can earn cash back from certain stores.  Right now there is an offer for milk where you can get back 75 cents if you buy at participating Ibotta stores like Target, CVS, and Meijer.   The offer expires on 9/27 unless the offer is saved to your account.  If you save the offer to your account, you have until 9/29 to submit your receipt.  There are other stores as well such as Costco and Sam’s Club who participate.  You can sign up for Ibotta here:  http://ibotta.com/r/bHfww.  After you make your purchase, you circle the item purchased and use the app. to upload and submit your receipt.  Within hours, Ibotta will tell you if your receipt has been accepted.  If it has been accepted, the money is in your account.  You can then withdraw the money to your bank using Pay Pal.   


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