Eli’s Treasure-Liquidation Online!

A friend owns an online company called Eli’s Treasure and everything is being liquidated!  This is a great time to look for gifts as the items are steeply discounted!  You can view the remainder of the inventory here:  http://www.pinterest.com/mrsdsj2007/elis-treasure-liquidation/.   One of my favorite items she has for sale are the Tegu Blocks. We have a set of these blocks and they are a favorite in our household. These are wooden magnetic blocks. A brief description of the
Tegu Blocks:

Tegu provides for tree planting, child education, and holistic employment in Honduras
Brilliantly simple and premium heirloom-quality toy that will last for generations
Curiously attractive and perfect for those seeking toys supporting open-ended and unscripted play
Naturally safe: no lead, no plastic, non-toxic, water-based lacquer finish, no small parts
Sustainably sourced, FSC-certified Honduran hardwoods

A great opportunity to stock-up for the holidays or birthdays!


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