Making extra money for the holidays -Job Fair at the Castleton Mall plus selling items

It’s hard to believe it’s already October, but pretty soon the holidays will be upon us.    I know some are already wondering how they will pay for many of the extras that come along with the holidays.  Here’s a couple of ideas to get you started:

1)  Consider working a seasonal job.  Start contacting your local retailers as many retailers do need extra help for the holidays. For example, the Castleton Mall is having a Job Fair on Wednesday, October 16 from 5 pm – 7 pm.    If you visit the Center Court, they will have on the spot interviews for both seasonal and permanent positions at some of the mall retailers.    I would highly recommend bringing with you copies of your resume, but also copies of your references.  I would recommend having three references names/contact information.  It is often helpful to have the name of at least one supervisor reference.  Often there are applications to be completed so bring with you details of your last employment (sometimes this will include the address, phone number, name of supervisors).  Make sure to dress to impress since theses are potential employers and you only have one chance to make a first impression.

2)  If you have baby/kids items to sell, consider registering for a Kids/Baby Consignment Sale if you have children and have items to get rid of.  One national one is Just Between Friends. One upcoming sale is the Just Between Friends in North Indy, although other areas of the country may have their own. The North Indy Just Between Friends is having a holiday sale soon and now is the time to register: For North Indy it is only $5 if you want to sell toys only. If you have any holiday decor, holiday outfits such as Halloween costumes, they are accepting these items as well.

3) Consider putting items on Ebay. For Ebay selling, do an inventory of what you have and what you want to get rid of. Look on Ebay and see what the going price is for an item you may have available for sell. I recently sold a toy on Ebay for $56.55. I will have to pay Ebay fees and Pay Pal fees were withdrawn, but I got a lot more for the toy on Ebay than I would have from a kids/consignment sale or a consignment store.


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