Cheryl’s Cookies $13.50 for $30 worth of cookies on LivingSocial

If you are looking for some ideas for Valentine’s Day, you may want to check out this great deal currently on LivingSocial! The voucher is good until May 14, 2014 so you can save this for any special occasion coming up such as Mother’s Day, a birthday, etc. if you do not want or need this for Valentine’s Day. You can get a voucher worth $30 for only $13.50 using promotional code USA10 (promo code expires on 2/9/14): To make this deal even sweeter, after you buy your voucher from LivingSocial you can then go to Shop at Home and earn an additional 10% cash back on your purchase at Cheryl’s: The voucher from LivingSocial is treated as a gift card so you can combine the voucher with a coupon code. Use coupon code: SWEET5 and you can subtract $5 off any order at Cheryl’s! There are other coupon codes available such as VDAYSHIP and certain items qualify for free shipping for Valentine’s Day!


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