Meijer mPerks: $5 off $50 Friday through Monday, can be used multiple times!

If you live near a Meijer and have any shopping you need to do, there is a great $5 off $50 coupon which starts tomorrow and goes through Monday.  This coupon can be used multiple times so if you have more than one $50 order, you can save $5 each time.  You may want to take a look around and see what other coupons you spot.  I saw some coupons for shoes for the family, as well as a 10% off general merchandise coupon in mine.  I also love the auto-clipping feature.  It is very handy when there is a coupon auto-clipped so you may want to sign-up for that feature so you never miss the big coupons Meijer offers.  Just make sure to enter your Meijer mPerks each and every time you shop there.  You can clip the coupons here:


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