Summer Reading Program at Libraries and super easy to earn points at the Carmel one!

Right now is the time to sign-up for your local library summer reading program!  I really love these programs, but it’s only been recently I’ve been able to take more time for myself to read non-parenting books.  My local library made changes for this year’s reading program.    You can earn points for visiting a park in Hamilton County.  You can earn a point for playing a board game.  You can earn a point for reading a magazine.  You can donate a book to the Little Library collection and earn a point.  You can also sign-up as a family or as individuals and log the points online.    You can go see a movie based on a book and earn a point.  Each library is unique in how they run their program, but I highly recommend everyone sign-up for theirs.  Often prizes are free offers from local restaurants, a chance to win gift cards, free books, and tons more.  Plus it’s a lot of fun and completely free!  For my local friends, the sign-up to the Carmel reading program is here:


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