Ibotta App. pays you back for groceries and more!

I love the Ibotta App.!  I am not one who is honestly great with coupons when it comes to groceries.  I often do not have time to clip the ones when they arrive in the Sunday paper.  I can sometimes clip ecoupons, but then I can’t remember which ones I’ve clipped or what quantity I need to buy in order to have the coupon clipped for me.   The Ibotta App. is great for people like me!  And even if you are a great at clipping coupons, you can save even more with this app.    I am listing my referral here because when you redeem a first offer, you will earn an extra $1 in the Ibotta app.  Here is my referral link:  https://ibotta.com/r/bhfww.  Today I went through my most recent grocery store visit, and I was able to redeem $.60!    There are lots of great offers such as $.20 off any milk, $.20 off any egg purchase, and $.20 off any pasta.  There were tons of other offers I saw such as bagged apples, blueberries, and more.  There are many different stores participating as well.  After you install the app. and sign-up, you sometimes need to watch a very short video to unlock an offer.  Then you will be asked to scan the bar code of the product, and then you circle the item you are trying to get a rebate on.  You will take a picture using the app. of your receipt making sure to show the store, your total receipt, the amount you paid, and the date.  Once your receipt has been verified, you will receive an email saying money has been deposited into your account.  Once you reach a certain threshold, you can cash out your rebates!  This is just another way to save money or earn money back on items you are buying every day.   The app. is very specific to dates so you need to submit the receipts before the next earning period starts so do not delay in submitting receipts.    Ibotta also offers rebates on purchases made through the app. for online stores so you may want to check these out as well.  I haven’t tried this feature yet, but it may be worth checking out.


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