New to Amazon Prime? Now through Sunday $73 for first-time memberhips!

If you have never been an Amazon Prime member, there is a special from now through Sunday at 11:59 PST to get an Amazon Prime membership discounted to only $73!  This is a great price considering all which can come with Prime.  My favorite benefit of course is the free 2-day shipping.  Another nice feature Amazon has added recently is that if you choose slower shipping for Prime eligible items, you can currently receive $1 credit in Amazon videos and Kindle titles.  This slower shipping offer often changes.  Another great benefit is the Amazon Prime video streaming.  There are movies and TV shows available for free.  Not all of them are free, but there’s quite a selection.  Also, Amazon Prime also has it’s own music streaming and there’s lots to choose from.  Another benefit is that you can upload to the Cloud photos and also there is one new release Kindle title per month that you can get for free as well.  There are often Prime only offers and also some lightning deals are available 30 minutes early.  If this all sounds good, check out the $73 Amazon Prime deal good only through Sunday at 11:59 PM PST!  Amazon Prime


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