Old Navy Clearance as low as 47 cents!


If you live near an Old Navy, you may want to check out the huge clearance sale going on now at some locations.    The location I went to is trying to clearance out winter items so I was able to grab some great deals on long-sleeved shirts for my kids for this winter and next winter.   Most of the shirts were priced at $3.99.  My favorite deal was a pair of navy pants for only $.97!  The hats and the pair of flip flops were only priced at $.47.  These items in this picture only cost $33.17 before tax.   Some of the items also rang up as an additional 40% off the clearance price.  They also had a $5 rack of miscellaneous items near the cash register.  When you check out, you may get a 10% off coupon for completing a survey for your next purchase at Old Navy.  The items pictured below were from the Old Navy at Clay Terrace in Carmel.   Thanks Michelle for the tip on the Old Navy clearance!OldNavy


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