Barnes and Noble 75% off clearance going on now!

If you live near a Barnes and Noble, you may want to call or head to your store to see if they have the 75% clearance going on.  I recently visited the one on Greyhound Pass in Carmel, and they still had quite a selection left.  If you have a Star Wars fan, they had tons of Star Wars stuff.  I also spied some Leap Frog Tag Reader books, as well as Leap Frog Leap TV games if you happen to have one of their Leap TV gaming systems.  If you end up buying toys, make sure to sign-up for their free Kids Club.  They also have their Barnes and Noble membership program, which will save you 10% on all of your purchases including clearance and give you free shipping.  You will also receives special member offers as well as additional coupons.   It does cost $25/year for this membership.  More details on the membership can be found here:  Barnes and Noble Membership.   They also had some last chance adult coloring books in the front right when you first walked through the doors before you go into the store marked down to $5.


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