Market District: One year celebration

If you live near Carmel, you may want to head to the Market District one year celebration today until 5 Pm and also tomorrow from 12-5 pm.  There are free samples and cupcakes and birthday cake (Saturday)!  There is also a contest to win a free gift basket if you can guess the number of Market District brand name products have been sold in the last year!  Also, if you haven’t already signed up for one of their Market District cards, be sure to do so and register online.  You will receive an offer every week automatically downloaded to your card, plus if you spend $50 buying gift cards in one transaction, you will earn $5 loaded to your Market District card on your next shopping trip for groceries.  The last time I was there, someone working there told me that the self checkout lane was not earning the $5 rewards for the gift cards so to make sure to go to an actual checkout lane.   Also, if you spend $75 in one transaction, there are 5 items valued at $25 you will receive completely free.


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