Target Halloween clearance up to 50-70% off may vary by location

If you live near a Target, you may want to head to your local one to check out the Halloween clearance going on.    Some locations are 70% off of costumes, decorations, and other Halloween related items with 50% off Halloween food items.  This is some of what was at the Target located in Westfield off of US31 and Greyhound Pass area.   Some Target stores are slower to clearance items so yours may only be at 50% off of Halloween items with 30% off food items.  Usually a couple of days after prices go to 70%, they are at 90% and 70% off food items.  img_3453img_3454img_3455img_3456img_3457img_3458img_3459img_3460img_3461img_3462img_3463img_3464img_3465img_3466img_3467img_3468img_3469


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