Last day of Market District’s current gift card promo ends today 11/30 plus Target promo $300 worth of Target gift cards for $245 with Market District promotion

I had written about Market District in Carmel ending it’s current gift card promotional offer on November 30, 2016.  The promotion at Market District is if you buy $50 worth of gift cards in one transaction and use your registered eAdvantage card, you receive a $5 promotional offer loaded on to your eAdvantage card for a future Market District purchase.  If you saw my previous post about the Target 10% off gift card deal coming up on Sunday, December 4 you can take advantage of both the Market District promo and the Target gift card promo coming up on Sunday.  Like I said in that post, some of the Target employees will tell say you cannot purchase a gift card with a different gift card.  I have not had an issue buying other gift cards with a Target gift card IN-STORE ONLY.  I do not know if you can buy Target gift cards using a Target gift card online.

One way to stretch your dollars further is to buy a $50 Target gift card from Market District (earning you $5 towards a future purchase at Market District), which is roughly 10% back, and then taking your newly purchased Target gift card from Market District and buying gift cards from Target on December 4th, 2016 at 10% off.  If you want to receive the maximum discount, you can buy $270 worth of Target gift cards from Market District (giving you 5 $5 credits or a value of $25) and then get $300 worth of Target gift cards on December 20th in-store or online, which will only cost you $270 and use the Target gift card you purchased at Market District to purchase the discounted Target gift card valued at $300 for only $270 or $245 when you factor in the $25 you will get back from Market District.  As another idea, Market District has a wide variety of gift cards where you can choose the value of the gift card starting at $15 (Kohl’s is one retailer) so if you want to pay an additional $30 in some other gift card to the $270 Target gift card you may purchase, you can make your gift card purchases $300 and receive 6 $5 credits back onto your eAdvantage card.  Please note:  This offer is not valid on purchases of Market District gift cards and getGo gift cards.  Also, you must have an eAdvantage card registered set up before buying the gift card purchase versus the cashier scanning a general card because the eAdvantage reward gets added to your personalized account so make sure you open a card if you don’t already have one open.


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