Cutting the grocery bill: Fresh Thyme Deals

I have been trying to figure out ways for our family of four to cut our grocery bills.  This seems like one of our most unpredictable but largest of bills when it comes to shopping.  I am going to try to post more of these types of deals/finds as I know this is an area where others struggle, too.   The deals listed in this post are for the Indianapolis area, this may vary by location.

Fresh Thyme has an app. you can download to your phone and clip additional coupons.  I have not yet done this, stay tuned for a future post on this.

One thing I love about Fresh Tyme and shopping on Thursdays is that you can overlap two sales ads and get all of the savings for both weeks in one day.

The deals that I snagged and found this week included:

Apples for 88 cents/pound (pictured here are the gala apples, but they also had some other varieties on sale for this same price).

They also had red cherries for $3.88/lb, pineapples for 99 cents each, 16 oz. of coffee for 99 cents or you could get a free 4 oz. cup of coffee while you shop, and I didn’t take a picture but they offer free fruit for your kiddos and have a little stand for your kids to choose from.  They also have a spot the red tractor for the kids (I have never spotted this darn tractor) and the kids can get a prize if they can tell the cashier where the red tractor was located.  FreshTyme3FreshTyme4FreshTyme5FreshTyme2FreshTyme1.jpg


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