Free Apple Camp at select locations. Sign-up now!

Last year my kiddos attended the free Apple camp and had a lot of fun.   This year’s registration just opened and these spots will be filled up very quickly.  Check your local store for availability and register now!  Apple Camp Sign-Up


Free Apple Camp-sign up today!

If you live near an Apple store, there may be a free Apple camp in your child’s future this summer.  Choose from three different Apple camps.  Here are the descriptions of the three camps:

Coding Games and Programming Robots

Who wouldn’t want to create their own games and program their own robots? Kids will learn visual block-based coding for games, applying logic skills such as pattern recognition and problem solving. Then they’ll use what they’ve learned to program their own robots to perform tasks, challenges, and much more.

Stories in Motion with iMovie

Campers will learn everything they need to create their own movies. They’ll storyboard ideas, shoot video, and delve into other aspects of the filmmaking process. Then they’ll edit their new epics in iMovie on a Mac.

Interactive Storytelling with iBooks

Campers will create their own interactive books and learn about the elements of writing a story, from idea to storyboarding. They’ll draw illustrations using an iPad, then add sound effects and Multi-Touch features using iBooks Author on a Mac.

They are geared towards kids 8-12.  You can choose locations and register here:  Apple Camp