Kohl’s Gold Star Clearance event going on now from 60-90% off

If you live near a Kohl’s, you may want to check out the gold star clearance event going on now.  At my local Kohl’s in West Carmel, I spied items as much as 90% off of summer items.  There are some great coupons as well you can combine for even greater savings.  First, if you are a Yes2You Rewards Member (it is free to sign-up), you will triple points.   You can take an extra 20% off both in-store and online with a savings pass (you can print this from the Kohl’s web site or show it on your phone) or if you use the code SAVINGS20 online and this coupon ends October 30th.  You can save $10 off $50 by printing a savings pass from Kohl’s web site or showing the Savings Pass on your phone.  This coupon also expires on October 30th and can be combined with the 20% off coupon code.  Plus you can earn $10 Kohl’s cash for every $50 spent through October 30th.  If you are ordering online, you can get free shipping when you spend $75.  I have also heard if you go in-store and order from the kiosk, you can score free shipping regardless of the amount spent.  Or you can also try to see if your item is eligible for in-store pick-up and avoid the shipping costs by picking up your items in-store if they are eligible.  You can print/view the savings passes here:  Kohl’s website.  Some of the items I spied at the West Carmel location on clearance are shown in the pictures.



Kohl’s clearance up to 85% off with additional 40% off some clearance items

If you live near a Kohl’s, you will want to check out your Kohl’s clearance.  Some of the clearance racks are now up to 85% off.  Plus Kohl’s right now has some great coupons and these coupons may be able to be combined with the additional discounts on clearance.  Right now there is a $10 off $30 kids clothes, $10 off $40 menswear, $10 off $40 intimates coupon, and also $10 off $30 for Juniors clothes.  I received a peeler in the mail with my catalog for $5 off.  If you have a Kohl’s credit card, you can get additional savings as well from 15%-30% if you use your Kohl’s charge.  Everyone who spends $50 will earn $10 in Kohl’s cash through March 9th.  Besides clothes, there are tons of other items which qualify for the up to 85% off including décor.  Make sure to look around the store for clearance in every department.  These pictures were taken at the Kohl’s on Michigan Road in West Carmel.   To get the coupons for $10 off $30 and $10 off $40, go to http://www.kohls.com.

Kohl’s clearance additional 25% off, 20% off coupon plus triple Yes 2 Rewards through 2/29

If you have any shopping to do at Kohl’s, you may want to check out the clearance going on right now at Kohl’s.  Items are an additional 20% off the clearance prices on select racks and it is free to get a Yes 2 Rewards account.  You can earn triple points on your purchases on your Yes 2 Rewards account and there is an additional 20% off coupon good through 2/29!  Plus you can earn an additional $10 Kohl’s cash for every $50 purchased.  You can get your shopping pass at the main Kohl’s web site page:  http://www.kohls.com/.  Some of the items at the West Carmel store are pictured in this post.

Kohl’s Black Friday deals are online live

If you had anything you were wanting to buy at Kohl’s for Black Friday, the deals are now live online:  http://www.kohls.com/.  You can use coupon code:  TURKEYTIME to save an additional 15% off.    In order to get free shipping, you need to spend a minimum of $50 or you can choose free in-store pick-up if you live near a store that offers this service.  Please note that if you choose free in-store pick-up you have a limited time to pick up your items before your order gets cancelled.  I learned this when I used in-store pick-up myself.  I have also heard if you order from the in-store kiosks that you may be able to get free shipping on any amount.  I would call and ask the customer service before heading to the store.    If you do shop online, make sure to go through Ebates to get an additional 6% cash back or if you download the Ebates mobile app. you can get an additional 8% cash back!  To add to the great deals being offered online, from now through November 29th for every $50 you spend you will get $15 Kohl’s cash instead of the normal $10 Kohl’s cash.

Kohl’s $10 off $30 through 6/28 plus earn $10 for every $50 spent in Kohl’s cash!

If you are looking for anything at Kohl’s, make sure to use the $10 off $30 Kohl’s coupon which can be found here:  Kohl’s   Then click on the $10 off $30 coupon.  Also, there are now exclusions to Kohl’s coupons so make sure to read the pass to see what the exclusions are.   If you have a wi-fi enabled device, make sure to bring it with you and open up the app. in-store to see if there is a coupon which may pop up for you and may possibly be combined with the $10 off $30 Kohl’s coupons.  Typically, percentage off coupons can be used in conjunction with dollar off coupons.  Make sure to sign-up for the Kohl’s free rewards program if you haven’t done so yet.

Kohl’s two stackable $10 off $25 codes online or in-store at the kiosk so score $35 worth of items for $15!

Apparently there are two stackable Kohl’s codes that can be used together as long as you have at least $35 in your order.  Use code HONOR1 and then use code MEMORIES so you can score $35 of items for $15.  Since you can only stack two codes, you will have to pay shipping which usually starts around $6.  If you are spending over $50, you would be better to use the 20% off code of SAVE20 since that code combined with one of the $10 off $25 codes.  Another tip is to go in-store to Kohl’s and order at the kiosk using both promo codes to get free shipping to your home.  I have never done this myself, but I have read that ordering from the kiosk avoids the shipping charges if you are not ordering over the free shipping threshold.  Don’t forget to go through Ebates for 6% cash back if you decide to order online:  http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=oZUZK1h%2BfUTbogfEvw56hA%3D%3D. 

Don’t forget if you spend over $50, you will earn $10 of Kohl’s cash and you can also print these coupons for use in-store: http://www.kohls.com/?src=CY3NkS*Y9qw&siteID=CY3NkS.Y9qw-pOzAI4fb7CIuQNW5VCv57Q under the Get My Pass in the red banner and for 15% off in-store: http://www.retailmenot.com/s/kohl%27s#print.5880621.

Kohl’s $10 off $25 in-store purchase or online purchase this weekend!

Update: You can stack two $10 off $25 promo codes using codes: HONOR10 and MEMORIES online or use the kiosk in-store to score free shipping to home. You can only use two promo codes online so choose the two $10 off $25 if your total is under $50, but over $50 you will make out better using the SAVE20 for 20% off. Updated post here: https://economicalbear.wordpress.com/2014/05/24/kohls-two-stackable-10-off-25-codes-online-or-in-store-at-the-kiosk-so-score-35-worth-of-items-for-15/.

If you have any shopping you want to do at Kohl’s, make sure to print this coupon for $10 off your $25 purchase:  http://www.kohls.com/?src=CY3NkS*Y9qw&siteID=CY3NkS.Y9qw-9rv87z4Jh_UgBBLvKSE4lw and click on Get Your Pass, which is in the red banner.  This was also in the Wednesday Kohl’s print ad if you happen to get the newspaper still.  You may also have gotten an email for 15% off your in-store purchase and you can combine the $10 off coupon with the 15% off in-store coupon.   The coupon can be found here: http://www.retailmenot.com/s/kohl%27s#print.5878568.  Also, another tip is if you have a smart phone or an Ipod touch, you can connect to the free wireless Kohl’s offers.   If you can pull-up the coupons on your mobile device, you can show the cashier and they can use your mobile device as your coupon as long as the mobile coupon scans. There are often in-store coupons that can be used on your in-store purchase that will pop up after you agree to the terms and conditions for using the free wi-fi.   They also have $10 of Kohl’s cash for every $50 you spend.

If you do not want to step foot into Kohl’s, you can also choose to shop online and still use these great coupon codes: HONOR10 will get you the $10 off $25. SAVE20 will get you 20% off your online purchase and you will also earn $10 Kohl’s cash for every $50 you purchase. FLOWERS50 will give you free shipping on orders over $50. You can online use two coupon codes online so you will need to determine which coupon codes will give you the most money off. The dollar coupon will be taken off before the percentage coupon. You can also go through Ebates and earn 6% cash back on your online Kohl’s purchase: http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=oZUZK1h%2BfUTbogfEvw56hA%3D%3D.

Kohl’s in-store coupon or online coupon for $10 off $30

I wrote yesterday about using a $10 off $30 code for your online Kohl’s purchase, but there is also an in-store coupon good through February 19th! This is the last day to earn $10 of Kohl’s cash for your $50 purchase. The coupon can be found and printed here: https://static.cdn.responsys.net/i2/responsysimages/content/kohls/021514_printpass_weather.htm?
There is quite a bit of clearance in-store right now.

Kohl’s.com coupon codes $10 off $30 plus 15-30% off plus earn $10 Kohl’s cash for every $50

If you are wanting to buy anything or check out the clearance at Kohl’s.com, there are some great coupon codes available right now.  If you are not a Kohl’s credit card holder, CELEBRATE or LUCKY15OFF will save 15% off your order.   Or use the code JANMB20 to save an additional 20% off  an order of $100 or more. Or Kohl’s Cardholders can use the promo code LOVE30 to save an additional 30% off any order.  Shipping is free on orders over $75 or you can enter the promo code SHIP4UFEB at checkout to receive free shipping if you are a Kohl’s credit card holder. You can only use two promo codes stacked, but you can only use one of the percentage off promo code and you can stack the $10 off $30 promo code with the percentage codes.  The $10 off $30 will be applied first and then the percentage discount applied second if those are the promo codes you stack together.   There are tons of winter items on clearance 60-80% off so a great chance to stock up for next winter or even use this winter.  You can also go through Ebates to earn an additional 6% cash back at Kohl’s: 

http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=oZUZK1h%2BfUTbogfEvw56hA%3D%3D. Also, for every $50 spent, you will earn $10 Kohl’s cash through February 17th only. Kohl’s is also donating $1 for every Kohl’s Cash Coupon redeemed Feb. 18-March 8. Also, if you not signed up yet, sign up to be a Kohl’s Reward member. You earn points for every purchase made at Kohl’s. It’s a free program.

Kohl’s Columbus Day Sales and Clearance additional 25% off plus additional 20% off coupon!

Kohl’s is having a great Columbus Day sale going on plus their clearance items are discounted 60-85% off.   Right now their clearance items are an additional 25% off the lowest priced sticker, plus there is a 20% off printable coupon everyone can use and you do not need to use a Kohl’s credit card to get the discount.  The coupon can be located here:  http://www.retailmenot.com/view/kohls.com#print.5122464.  There is a coupon code you can use online as well if you can’t get to your local Kohl’s.  The coupon expires on 10/14/2013.  A few photos of the clearance racks on Michigan Road in West Carmel: