Target Easter Clearance 70%

If you live near a Target and want to check out the Easter clearance, some locations are up to 70% and 50% off of food items.  Today I headed to the Michigan Road Target in West Carmel and some of what they had left is pictured here:



Target: 50% off clearance toys

If you are headed to Target any time soon, you may want to head to the toy aisle to check out if there is a clearance sale going on.  Most items are 50% off, however some items were marked 70% off.  This is from the West Carmel location today:


Target Halloween clearance up to 50-70% off may vary by location

If you live near a Target, you may want to head to your local one to check out the Halloween clearance going on.    Some locations are 70% off of costumes, decorations, and other Halloween related items with 50% off Halloween food items.  This is some of what was at the Target located in Westfield off of US31 and Greyhound Pass area.   Some Target stores are slower to clearance items so yours may only be at 50% off of Halloween items with 30% off food items.  Usually a couple of days after prices go to 70%, they are at 90% and 70% off food items.  img_3453img_3454img_3455img_3456img_3457img_3458img_3459img_3460img_3461img_3462img_3463img_3464img_3465img_3466img_3467img_3468img_3469

Target: Summer Clearance up to 90% off!

Update:  Thanks to a tip from Felicia, the Super Target on Michigan Road shows 70% off, but the prices are actually ringing up 90% off!  You may want to use the scanner to check prices at your Target location.  Thanks, Felicia! 

If you live near a Target or Super Target, you may want to head there now as some summer items are clearance up to 70%.    These pictures were taken today at the Super Target at Michigan Road in Carmel.  Let me know what deals you find at your Target!