Walgreens Balance Rewards and earn free money for exercising!

Walgreens has a new program that launched last fall and when you purchase certain items, you earn balance rewards.   This also works for prescriptions and immunizations as well.  Balance rewards add up and turn into cash.  For example, 5000 points equals $5.  You can read more and sign-up for the program here or in-store:  http://www.walgreens.com/topic/balance-rewards/balance-program-details.jsp.  I am very excited to have received an email today announcing that when you Walk with Walgreens and link your Balance Rewards account with the Walk with Walgreens program, you can earn Balance Rewards.  You earn 20 points for every mile walked.  I am already in the process of trying to exercise daily, usually a two mile walk at the moment and you can earn 1000 points per month.  I would love to make this my minimum goal to earn 1000 Balance Reward points, which only equates to 50 miles per month or if I walk 2.0 miles on at least 25 days of the month.  From the link above, look for the icon that shows a person walking and says in light blue, “Earn points for healthy activity.”   This seems like a double win if you can earn free points for doing something which is also good for you, too!